Titan Forge’s Krampus Brings Dwarf Berserkers For Christmas

December 13, 2016 by dracs

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Titan Forge has a pair of new releases, a pair of dwarf berserkers and the sinister Christmas Krampus.

Go Berserk!

The latest dwarfs to join Titan Forge's fantasy range are a pair of dwarf heroes named Iro and Kez.

Iro and Kez

These two axe brothers are fearsome berserkers, able to work together to cut the enemy down.

I particularly like how Titan Forge has designed these miniatures so that they can be positioned separately or as a single dramatic model.

Iro and Kez Teamwork

It's a really cinematic design and shows off the teamwork of these two characters really well.

You Better Watch Out

To celebrate Christmas, Titan Forge has released a new Krampus miniature which they are giving away free with Christmas orders.


The Krampus is the anti-Santa of eastern European tradition, accompanying jolly old Saint Nick to punish naughty children.

He's a terrifying monster and I think Titan Forge have done him justice with their model. Personally, I would love to use it for a seasonal encounter in a RPG.

What do you think of Titan Forge's dwarf berserkers? Do you like their take on the Krampus?

"I would love to use [Krampus] for a seasonal encounter in a RPG..."

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