Kromlech Launch Their Summer Kitbash Contest & A Sneak Peek!

July 29, 2020 by brennon

The team at Kromlech have announced their new Summer Kitbash Contest where you can get involved and show off your creations using their extensive bitz range.

Kitbash Contest - Kromlech.jpg

Get More Kitbash Contest Information Here

There are three simple rules for you to consider when entering this contest and they are as follows...

  • The conversion has to contain parts from the Kromlech range. It could be anything from their Hive City Fence on Titan bases, to power swords in the hands of a psyker. The model doesn′t have to be ours!
  • Miniatures which are both painted and unpainted are welcome
  • Send your creations to [email protected] or use the hashtag #kitbashkromlech and post it to social media (wherever you most frequent). You don't have to do both

In addition to these three rules, you can post as many entries as you like, the more the merrier. The contest will run until 28th August 2020 and then a winner will be picked based on the number of hashtags they receive throughout the contest.

The winner(s) of the contest will get one of the NEW miniatures from their upcoming range long before they are available to anyone else. So, if you're interested in diving in then you need to make sure to get your hobby space sorted out so you can begin bashing together some bitz.

An Orky Look Ahead

Talking of new releases, this was also posted this week and gives you some clues as to what they're getting up to in October...sorry, Orktober!

Orktober Preview // Kromlech

I think this is going to be quite the month for those who love their greenskins and want to let them loose on the tabletop. Plus, Kromlech do do some of the best looking Orks out there to help expand grimdark collections.

Are you going to be kitbashing your way to victory?

"Are you going to be kitbashing your way to victory?"

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