Kromlech Train New Fantasy Football Champi-Orcs!

November 3, 2022 by brennon

Be da best n' crump dem stopid humies inta da turf! Kromlech has been working away on a new set of Fantasy Football miniatures for use in your 28mm games like Blood Bowl. See what you make of the Champi-Orcs who are ready and raring to win the cup!

Champi-Orcs Team - Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Team // Kromlech

Leading the way, we have the team in full. The Champi-Orcs Team comes with a full complement of sixteen Orcs to use as the basis for your Fantasy Football squad. You have four Shamans, four Brawlers, six Linemen and two Throwers. The set also comes with two Dark Forest Balls which can be used to spice up your games and as an added extra, all of the heads and shoulder pads here are interchangeable. So, you can have some fun tinkering with your preferred team.

As well as the core team, you can also buy a lot of the different Orcs separately. So, you could pick yourself up a new Shaman perhaps....

Champi-Orcs Shaman - Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Shaman // Kromlech

...or go for more of the Brawlers that will be handy when keeping the front line from toppling over. These smaller packs are also very handy if you're looking to expand your team in a particular way once the experience starts rolling in.

Champi-Orcs Brawler - Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Brawler // Kromlech

More of the Throwers and your standard Linemen are also available to pick up as well. If you were going down the route of adding to an existing Orc team then you might be tempted by some of these packs just to add some diversity to your collection.

Champi-Orcs Thrower - Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Thrower // Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Linemen - Kromlech

Champi-Orcs Linemen // Kromlech

As always, Kromlech does some fantastic Orcs and these are no exception. I think they've created a fun "Savage Orc" look and feel to the miniatures which set them apart from the official Games Workshop ones. They look tough as nails and should be a lot of fun to paint before bringing them to the tabletop.

Could you be tempted by Kromlech's newest collection of Orc miniatures? Is Fantasy Football gaming your go-to?

Let us know in the comments below!

"I think they've created a fun "Savage Orc" look and feel to the miniatures which set them apart from the official Games Workshop ones..."

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