Kromlech Arm Their Prime Legionaries With New Kit

May 5, 2020 by brennon

Kromlech has been firing on all cylinders and worked on a set of new options for those playing as Prime Legionaries and Space Knights in their Sci-Fi games. A whole raft of new weapon, body and accessory options dropped onto their webstore recently.

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Their new set of options are a good fit for those of you playing games set within the grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000 as a start. But, there's no reason you couldn't use these bits and bobs to expand other ranges too if you liked. However, it's time to dive into the bits!

Guns, Lots Of Guns

Firstly, it's time to check out some of the big guns that you can add into the mix right now. Here we have the Assault Thunder Carbines which have those rather awesome ammo chambers which put me in mind of thumping shotguns which blast folks to pieces.

-5eb1322bb8530--5eb1322bb8531Prime Legionaries Assault Thunder Carbines - Kromlech.jpg

If you'd rather stay at a longer range then you've also got the Rapid Thunder Rifles which are going to be good for providing covering fire.

Prime Legionaries Rapid Thunder Rifles - Kromlech

Taking things to the next level, you've also got a set of Stalker Thunder Guns which are equipped with scopes and silencers allowing you to work at a stealthy level. So, if you're skulking around behind enemy lines with your scouts and such, this is a good option for you to consider picking up.

-5eb132397918e--5eb132397918fPrime Legionaries Stalker Thunder Guns - Kromlech.jpg

All of these guns, as you'll have no doubt noticed, come with a selection of alternative second arms as well. So, you could either run with the regular arms from your plastic kit or upgrade them and add in a few more accessories instead. I think it helps to mark out which members of your squad are focused on particular tasks.

Rip & Tear

If you prefer getting stuck into close combat then you've also got the Character Melee Weapons kit which was also added to their webstore recently.

-5eb1322fa8f02--5eb1322fa8f03Prime Legionaries Character Melee Weapons - Kromlech.jpg

In this set, you get a massive hammer, chainsword, power sword, power fist and finally a wrist-mounted flamer. I could see these being given to leaders of units as well as your overall commander figures. That power fist in particular really scratches an itch. I always loved them back when I was playing Warhammer 40K even when they were terrible! It's always fun to know you can punch through a tank.

We Can Rebuild Them

Finally, we've got some options for those building up the core of their Prime Legionaries force. Sometimes you get chomped, shot, torn apart or simply crippled by the enemy and that's where these new Bionic Bodies come in.

-5eb1322dc263f--5eb1322dc2641Prime Legionaries Bionic Bodies - Kromlech.jpg

With the help of Kromlech, you can refit your warriors and get them back out onto the battlefield. I particularly like these for older veterans within your army or perhaps full forces which have turned from the ways of the flesh and instead embraced their machine gods.

Rather suitably, you can also pick up the Mechanicum Shoulder Pads they have also designed to give more character to your Chapter.

-5eb13229220f0--5eb13229220f2Mechanicum Shoulder Pads - Kromlech.jpg

So, with all of those options now available to those playing games in the grimdark future, what are you going to be picking up? Drop your thoughts on the current raft of new releases below and let us know if you snag some for your army. We'd love to see how they work once hobbyists get tinkering.

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"I particularly like these for older veterans within your army or perhaps full forces which have turned from the ways of the flesh and instead embraced their machine gods..."

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