Kromlech’s New Grimdark Trench Korps Prepare For War!

September 5, 2023 by brennon

Kromlech are reinforcing your poor ol' human forces that are battling in the warzones of the far-flung grimdark future. A new range of miniatures are now available offering up a selection of alternative 28mm miniatures for the likes of Warhammer 40,000.

Trench Korps Command Squad - Kromlech

Trench Korps Command Squad // Kromlech

Leading the way, we have this awesome Trench Korps Command Squad. This is the perfect option for those wanting to establish their dominance over the battlefield. I don't think that many of your troops are going to run away with this fellow breathing down their necks.

The set comes with the dour Governor alongside a selection of Acolytes, a Banner Bearer and another follower who is keeping a count of the dead. I absolutely love the look of the two Acolytes in this set with Chainsword and Gun being offered up on plates. I would sense that when armed, the Governor is going to be a melee powerhouse.

Sticking with the Trench Korps, we also have a full set of Infantry that you can snap up.

Trench Korps Infantry Squad - Kromlech

Trench Korps Infantry Squad // Kromlech

You can either buy the squad as it is or you can go down the route of snapping up the bitz and kitbashing them with existing plastic kits. You get a range of regular rifles alongside special weapons. That means you can use them as an elite squad or perhaps more of the rank and file if you prefer.

As well as the Infantry Squad, you can also get a look at some Heavy Weapon Squads that will lay down a bit of covering fire on the battlefield.

Trench Korps Heavy Weapons Squad - Kromlech

Trench Korps Heavy Weapons Squad // Kromlech

Get your hands on a whole bunch of different guns which have been designed to take our infantry, vehicles and more. If you don't want to be battling through masses of trenches on a blood drenched world then how about through the blasted sands of a desert one?

Desert Raiders Heavy Weapons Squad - Kromlech

Desert Raiders Heavy Weapons Squad // Kromlech

With Games Workshop almost flatly refusing to do anything when it comes to alternative regiments, it's great that companies like Kromlech and Victoria Miniatures are stepping into the breach.

There is plenty more for you to check out as part of their newest crop of releases, all designed to give you some new options when building up your Imperial Guard of the far future. For example, you could check out some of their Battle Psykers.

Imperial Battle Psyker - Kromlech

Imperial Battle Psyker // Kromlech

This is one of two miniatures that you can add into the mix. I feel like these fellows are right on the cusp of getting shot in the back of the head. I suppose as long as their psychic energies are focused towards the enemy, your commanding officers might not worry too much!

Could you be tempted to pick up some of these new miniatures from Kromlech?

"Leading the way, we have this awesome Trench Korps Command Squad..."

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