Everything Is Looking Kushite For Footsore’s Mortal Gods

March 25, 2020 by avernos

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If you're a fan of warbands seeking glory in the ancient world then you should check out Mortal Gods from Footsore Miniatures, and Games. Set after the Greco-Persian Wars the game started with warring Greek City-states but now Footsore have looked south across the Mediterranean to north Africa and the Kushites.

kushite roster cards

The Kushites were once an empire in their own right between Ethiopia and  Egypt, even becoming the pharaohs and ruling the Nile delta and making ties with Warren's favourite Sargon II. In Mortal Gods though they are much diminished and have been brought into the Achaemenid Empire and it gives you options for how you field these warriors in your games. These fighters can be taken as part of a Persian Sataba, as a stand-alone faction or as mercenaries in a Greek lochos.

Kushite Prince

The release includes the Prince you can see above to lead your warband, there are also two priests my favourite being the Priest of Apedemak for...no discernable reason that I can put my finger on, maybe you can suggest the reason below.

Kushite Priest of Apedemak

The heroes are the main focus of your warbands in Mortal Gods as you attempt to build their epic tales and carve out land for themselves and their nation. But every Jason needs his Argonauts and the Kushites are no exception, there are both spear warriors and bowmen the main core of your forces.

Kushite Spearmen

Everybody expects to see spearmen in ancient games, and bowmen, well I mean you've gotta have your archers haven't you. Baboons though, it's not often that you manage to get a troop of baboons on the tabletop and I for one applaud it. Alas despite having two pictures on the website they seem to have unaccountably failed to include a Lloyd shot.

Kushite Baboons

featured no baboons arses

Even though all the pre-orders are currently resin they will be coming out in metal hopefully in the not too distant future.

Fallen Glory

Apart from the Kushites there are two sets of custom resin objective markets. The Fallen Glory set and the Water Set. These are lovely markers and are ideal for Mortal Gods and many other ancient wargames, given a feel of the ancient world with ruins, looted armour and sacred water.

Mortal Gods Water Set

With Mortal God's Mythic game coming this year Footsore are really expanding this range and I can't wait to see Medusa being torn apart by an angry troop of baboons!

Do you have the strength to rule the Peloponnese? 

"...it's not often that you manage to get a troop of baboons on the tabletop and I for one applaud it"

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