The Kuzaarik Grenadier for Freeblades from DGS Games

January 20, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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DGS Games has announced the release of the newest model in their Freeblades game line, the Kuzaarik Grenadier.

The Kuzaarik Grenadier is a hero in the Kuzaarik Forgers faction, providing its most significant ranged attack to date, and the only one currently in the game possessing the Indirect Fire weapon ability.

With the loss of each Great City, the Kuzaarik military took ever more extreme measures to ensure the safety of the realm. Doing their part, master engineers revisited technologies previously labelled unsafe. Out of that desperation came the Grenadiers. Capable of lobbing explosive projectiles packed with crystal flechettes, the Vranshars of the Grenadiers proved able to break up the strongest enemy formations.

Two Kuzaarik Grenadiers are permitted in the Kuzaarik Freeband in Freeblades fantasy miniatures skirmish game. Rules for the Grenadier are found in the Freeblades Rules Companion,  downloadable pdf for which all future updates are free once purchased. Of course, you’d need the Freeblades Core Rulebook to play as well.

The Grenadier also makes a fine roleplaying model or model for use in other great skirmish games such as Frostgrave, as do all of the models in our line.

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"Out of that desperation came the Grenadiers..."

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