Latest Concepts for Wreck Age

September 1, 2011 by dracs

The latest two pieces of concept art for Wreck Age, the upcoming dystopian sci-fi game, have been put up for all to see. Take a look at these.

First we have the Staker.

Here's what the Wreck Age website has to say about this character:

"Stakers are the folks who take a plot of land, and make their go at working it, while defending their claim. They could be miners, farmers, industrialists, or techno-enthusiests. They might be a commune of hippies, a doomsday cult, or a polygamist sect. As an example; In Mad Max, the funnily dressed 70s disco oil barons would have been considered Stakers."

This is a really interesting concept as it means that the Stakers are open to any amount of conversion you might desire.

Next up we have a soldier from the ARHK.

"The Autonomous Region of Hong Kong (ARHK) is one of the last vestiges of corporate culture left on post-exodus earth.... Highly industrialized; the ARHK has some of the highest (and best maintained) technology left on the planet, including an extensive navy of several dozen frigates, sealed exo-suits, and fully automatic carbines as standard equipment for their standing army."

What's your opinion on these? How do you think these images will transfer to sculpts? Are you looking forward to Wreck Age's completion? Leave us your comments below.

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