Learn the Rules of Dystopian Legions With their Quick Start Guide

October 25, 2012 by brennon

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The Quick Start version of the rules for Dystopian Legions are available from the Spartan Games website! Check out some sneaky peeks inside the PDF below and then go over and grab it for free...

Dystopian Legions Quick Start Rules

From Spartan Games...

To give a quick overview of the Book’s contents:

Introduction: An Introduction to the game, and the world of Dystopian Legions
Game Basics: A rundown of the basic mechanics used throughout the game
Game Cards: How to use the deck of Game Cards that come in your Starter Set, and how to expand it
Game Set Up: A guide to how to get started with a game of Dystopian Legions
Force Building: How to pick your models and assemble a fighting force
Terrain Rules: A rundown of the effects of Terrain on the way that models can move and shoot
Sequence of Play: An overview of the order in which each Turn’s events take place
Command and Morale: The effects of Morale on your troops, and the role of your Officers and Characters
Movement Segment: How different sorts of models can move, and the different sorts of movement they can perform
Ranged Attacks: A full description of how models can shoot at one another from range, and the effects that these attacks have
Melee Phase: How to resolve close-quarters Melee combat
End Phase: How to wrap up each Turn, and how to check if the game has ended
Victory Conditions: How to decide who has won the game
Model Assigned Rules: A list of the special rules and Abilities used by certain models and weapons
Index: A comprehensive index to quickly reference any part of the rules

Dystopian Legions Inside #1

Dystopian Legions Inside #2

How very nice and glossy! I will certainly be downloading this and giving the game a go with a few proxies just to see how it all runs. All of the Starter Sets coming out soon will also feature an A5 version of these rules, and a big hardback rulebook is coming in 2013!

Get reading and report back soldier!

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