Learn The Art of Adventure In Dungeon Academy

May 12, 2019 by cassn

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Do you ever wonder just where your ranger learned their skills? Who taught your archer how to shoot? Was your pirate always skilled with a sword? It's time to take the team to school in Dungeon Academy!


Dungeon Academy is a roll-and-write game where 1-6 players take on the role of a trainee explorer. Players are presented with four Levels filled with unpredictable monsters and healing potions. Each level is randomized by sixteen six-sided dice which are shaken under the 'roof' of the academy before being revealed.


Each character has it's own unique set of abilities to help then traverse the Level and with the most points.


Roll-and-write has become the board game 'hot' word for this year, and with good reason: these small, component-light games often pack big strategic punches and can accommodate many players. Dungeon Academy looks to continue that trend. There's no official release date yet (just the vague promise of 'soon'), but keep an eye on the OP's website for further information.

Have you played a roll-and-write game yet? What did you think? Tell us below!

"The more monsters you defeat, the greater the glory!"

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