Lion Tower Create Mystical & Martial Heroes For Wrathborn

April 10, 2019 by brennon

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Lion Tower Miniatures showed off two new models that will be coming out for Wrathborn soon. Both of these characters will fight for the Nordrassel faction and act as both mystical and martial heroes.

Gothi #1 - Lion Tower Miniatures

The first figure they showed off was the Gothi. The Gothi would have been mystics and shamans of Viking clans in historical terms and so that continues over into this Fantasy world.

Gothi #2 - Lion Tower Miniatures

This particular fellow will be an Element Walker in the game, offering up an alternative way to command your troops and decimate the enemy. If you're interested in Wrathborn and learning more about these factions by the way you can check out the rules HERE.

Strong Sword Arm

As well as the Gothi you'll also find a new Thane model that will be leading your warriors into battle.

Thane #1 - Lion Tower Miniatures

He has quite the case of foot-on-rock syndrome but otherwise, I really do like the model. I am always a fan of models that have fur on them since it's so easy to make look good! I also like the weapon choices with both that well-worn axe and a sword that most likely belongs to his family line.

Thane #2 - Lion Tower Miniatures

You immediately get a sense of how this fellow fights, using that axe to bring down his enemies shield before landing that killing thrust with the sword. He also has the dagger on his belt for when the fighting gets desperate.

It looks like the hero has a hood too! I wonder if they'll do a version with the hood up as that could be very cool!

What do you think of the range?

"The Gothi would have been mystics and shamans of Viking clans..."

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