LITKO Adds Colour To Your Games With Special Counters

September 1, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Even the most serious gamer needs a little comic relief once in awhile to keep the game fun. I am all for a break in the tension any way I can. While surfing the World Wide Web for news stories, I came across some interesting tidbits from LITKO.

Anyone who has been in the military, does not matter what country you served, we all know the acronym "FUBAR" and how it can applied to anything that is not going the way you planned. Now LITKO has added some awesome acrylic markers for the battlefield that will definitely let your opponent know that your Firefly is out of commission.

I know these markers are not new, but I believe it warranted some attention as we needed to be reminded occasionally that this is a game to have fun.

How about some "Epic Fail" tokens to signify your opponents mighty charge ended up a total disaster or how about some "OMG" tokens when you cannot believe that "impossible" roll you just made. There are many more unique tokens to lighten those tense moments. After all we are here to have fun, are we not?

What do you think of adding some humor to your game?

"I am all for a break in the tension any way I can..."

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