LITKO Make Markers for D&D Attack Wing

November 16, 2014 by dracs

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LITKO have announced that they will soon be bringing out a new range of themed markers to help you in your games of D&D Attack Wing.

D&D Attack Wing Markers

As you can see, a wide variety of stylish markers are set to come out, including status markers, movement measurements and even a stand for the game's cards.

These join the Dragon Wing Manoeuvre markers that LITKO have already released.

Dragon Wing Maneuver Gauge

LITKO have previously come out with tokens for X-Wing and Attack Wing, so it is unsurprising to see them prepare to come out with more for the D&D variant. The markers they have shown off look very well designed, with cool graphics and clear, distinct shapes that mark out their function. It will be interesting to see if anyone would pick these up over the markers provided in the game.

Do you use any of LITKO's gaming markers?

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