LITKO Keep Track of Dropzone Tokens & Templates

October 1, 2014 by dracs

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LITKO have released a new selection of tokens and templates that are compatible with the Dropzone Commander gaming system, letting youkeep track of all those buildings you just blew up.

LITKO Dropzone Commander Tokens and Templates

This new selection ranges from blast templates to objective markers and building damage tokens, all of which will help you to follow the fast moving developments of the game, as well as flight stands suitable for Dropzone Commander's various craft.

Speaking of flight stands, LITKO now offer a new service of personalized ones, featuring up to two lines of whatever text you wish to put on them.

Personalised Flight Bases

The idea of personalising flying bases in this way is useful as it means you can list the names of different vehicles, making it easier to keep track of which ones have which weapons load out. Or you could just write "Get to the choppa!" Both are good.

Do you like the idea of personalised flight bases? What do you think of LITKO's Dropzone Commander compatible accessories?

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