Load Your Gear Into This Pike & Shotte Baggage Wagon

November 2, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games have a new release for the game of Pike & Shotte, letting you load up your army's gear into this Baggage Wagon.

Pike and Shotte Baggage Wagon

Pike and Shotte Baggage Wagon Side

This metal and resin sculpt makes up one of the many Baggage Wagon's which would have made up an army's supply train, and features a good attention to detail, including the contents of the wagon itself.

Pike and Shotte Baggage Wagon Contents

The inclusion of a Baggage Wagon should allow for some good game scenarios in Pike & Shotte. Reportedly two new supplements for Pike & Shotte are currently in the works, so rules for including these in your games may appear.

Do you think a Baggage Wagon would allow for some fun gaming scenarios in Warlord's historical Pike & Shotte?

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