Loads Of Extras & Pledge Goals For DUST: Operation Babylon!

May 28, 2014 by brennon

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DUST: Operation Babylon is going from strength to strength with a whole bunch of additional gaming accessories and of course miniatures as it closes in on $250,000. That's a pretty massive target...

Operation Babylon Dice

Terrain Piece

First up we have the free upgrades coming for the number of backers helping with the campaign. It's not far off these two being unlocked and I really do like those Operation Babylon dice. They are going to be exclusively available only through this Kickstarter so if you want them get pledging!

Spetsnaz Unit

Axis Mortar Team

Allied Recon Unit

Alternate Heroes

Axis Walker

As well as the backer stretch goals they have also added in these monetary ones. I can see them pretty safely hitting these targets unlocking new specialist units, a new walker, and some alternative sculpts for the heroes of each faction as a free upgrade. Bigger and better seems to be the name of the day and at this rate they will need a whole new set of stretch goals!

Tropical Herman

USMC Light Assault Walker

Talking of bigger and better they also have these neat looking light walkers for both the Axis and the Americans. I think of the two of them I prefer the German one with it's bigger guns. You can't beat lasers...pew pew.

Rolf Sammit

James T Murphy

Iron Joe

Some heroes have indeed already been unlocked and we have Rolf Sammit, James T Murphy and Iron Joe for the respective factions in Operation Babylon. All of them look awesome and I really like what they've done with the hero units to make them stand above and beyond the regular troops. Very cool inspiring leaders for the battlefield.

Once again Rolf Sammit shows Axis knows best when it comes to weaponry. Bigger is better!

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