Loads Of Great Purgatory Goodies Coming To Salute This Weekend

April 15, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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While chatting back and forth with Purgatory Miniatures, they've tipped their hats a bit more and have given a peek at the Gifts of the Gods Cards that will be available at Salute this weekend.

PM GOTG card1

These are cards will be used in the game to form part of a 30 card deck that each player has in the box. Each player selects 16 cards from the 30 and a live deck is chosen as part of the start up step of the game.

They will be releasing further sets of cards at a later date and people buying models over the salute weekend will receive a code that they can claim for a unique set of cards at the kickstarter.

PM GOTG card2

PM GOTG card3

We love our exclusives and Kickstarter definitely allows for a nice opportunity to offer something special for the backers- like Kickstarter edition cards.

PM GOTG card4

PM GOTG card5

Last, but certainly not least, a new mystery angel is joining the game in a new sculpt.

PM the girl model

Just have a look at her! Be sure to stop by the booth this weekend and get the scoop on this "heavenly" angel.

What questions will you be asking the fellows at Purgatory at Salute?

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