Lost Kingdom Show Off Their Patreon Options For May

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Lost Kingdom Miniatures has been showing off their Patreon offerings for May. The team has been working away on a bunch of new 3D Printable STL Files which you can snag and drop into the mix at home. As with a lot of companies, they appear to be offering up more and more of their sculpts in this manner.

May Patreon - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

The focus for this month looks to be on the Lizardmen from their standard range. The Cuetzpal Empire is available as traditional miniatures thanks to one of their previous Kickstarters but this gives you the option to print and play around with a selection of different characters, monsters and troops.

These miniatures look incredibly dynamic and a massive step-up for those who like playing with scaley soldiers. I would be interested in seeing how some of those bigger models come out (in parts) and whether or not they go together nicely. This looks particularly spectacular.

-5eba61c88faf1--5eba61c88faf2Dinosaur Main Character - Lost Kingdom Miniatures.jpg

Why ride your dinosaur in the standard way when you could do a handstand and fire your bow with your feet instead right? It would be wonderful to get stuck in on these miniatures with lots of bright colours to match their jungle home.

Getting Started

As well as the dinosaurs and lizardfolk for May, you can also pick up a Starter Pack when you sign up to their Patreon.

Welcome Box - Lost Kingdom Miniatures

This comes with a selection of different character models that could lead various forces. A lot of them match up with other heroic evil forces in different ways. I particularly like the Ushebti and Night Lord models for those playing undead armies in their different forms.

Are you going to be getting involved with this Patreon project?

"Are you going to be getting involved with this Patreon project?"

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