Lucid Eye Sculpting FitzPatrick’s Ériu & New Savage Core Models

July 5, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye is working with Jim FitzPatrick, the renowned Irish artist, on another of his character designs. This time they are going to be creating Ériu in miniature form...

Jim Fitzpatrick Eriu - Lucid Eye

I didn't know much about her to be honest but it was fascinating reading about her role as the matron 'Goddess' of Ireland. It seems obvious now when you think of the name of Ireland as it stands, Éire.

If the model for her is anything like the awesome model that they did for Nuada The High King then we're in for something a bit special with this release.

Savage Core & More

As well as that, they are also working on pre-orders for a load of new Savage Core characters AND the addition of the Hypnocrats to The Plot Device collection.

Lucid Eye July Deals - Lucid Eye

The range of models that Lucid Eye produces really do cover a wide spectrum. As well as creating models that would work in other games they have created some very original looking lines for their own worlds which is nice to see.

Are you going to be picking up Ériu?

"The range of models that Lucid Eye produces really do cover a wide spectrum..."

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