Lucid Eye Go Adventuring On Ape Island With New Set

January 27, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has added another set of miniatures into the mix for their Beyond The Savage Core range. Here we have the Ape Island Set which offers up a daring adventurer and a raging ape who is seeking to bring him low!

Ape Island - Lucid Eye

As I've been playing a few of the Uncharted games right now I am certainly in the mood for a bit of adventure into stories of this ilk. If you're in the mood to play any number of different pulp-based games then this set would give you the core of what you need to get going.

All you'd need to do is maybe assemble a few more team members to journey with the Explorer and then a selection of furry friends who will be supporting the Great Ape.

There are plenty of games in this genre for you to check out, Pulp Alley, 7TV, Savage Core and more!

"There are plenty of games in this genre for you to check out!"

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