Lucid Eye Summon Up New Blades & Souls Miniatures

November 9, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has expanded upon their Blades & Souls miniatures collection with four new packs for you to snap up. Their collection of offerings include characters, strange Sci-Fi monsters and plenty of Fantasy beasts too.

Necromancer - Lucid Eye

Necromancer // Lucid Eye

A classic Necromancer is first up from the folks at Lucid Eye, a rather fitting bad guy for all manner of different roleplay campaigns and skirmish adventures. Everyone knows that if you're going to be a suitably evil character that you need an exceptionally big hat and this fellow has got that sorted at the very least! I could see him being a good option for prospective Frostgrave adventurers.

Embracing a little bit of Greek Mythology next, the Satyr has also popped up on their webstore.

Satyr - Lucid Eye

Satyr // Lucid Eye

This version is Mr Tumnus (yes, I know he was a Faun) is certainly not very happy with the fact that you've strayed into his corner of the wood! Whilst your immediate thought might be to use him as a foe in your games I think he could be a cool character choice for a roleplay instead. I like the idea of traditional "monster" races being used as hero characters alongside traditional Dwarves, Elves and the like.

Finishing things off for the Fantasy collection this month we also have these Dungeon Spiders.

Dungeon Spiders - Lucid Eye

Dungeon Spiders // Lucid Eye

Everyone needs a good set of Spiders to throw into their dungeon crawls, skirmish games and more. You could even mount all of these onto a larger base and use them as a swarm in your mass battle games. These miniatures look suitably creepy and come in one piece so that you don't have to worry about sticking on legs!

Changing things up slightly we also have the Digital Demon...

Digital Demon - Lucid Eye

Digital Demon // Lucid Eye

This fellow would be a pretty fascinating addition to a game which is focused on Sci-Fi horror. I like the idea that this creature has found its way through the network and is now stalking a crew on a monolithic space ship. You could also throw it into a Fantasy game if you wanted to give things a strange and reality-bending twist.

Are you tempted by any of these new characters and creatures?

"Are you tempted by any of these new characters and creatures?"

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