Lucid Eye Preview A New Powerful Thane For The Elf King

May 15, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has published another preview of a new Thane for The Elf King. This time we're focusing on Meksant Farseer who is one of the more powerful Glamour users in the game.

Meksant Farseer - The Elf King - Lucid Eye

In the game, Meksant Farseer falls into the powerful magical archetype that you'll be familiar with when it comes to Elves but one who has maybe overstepped the boundaries of his people. He has access to a dangerous book known as the Tome Of Seven Revelations which makes it harder to strike against him as he wields the dark power of demonic lore.

He also has three shades bound to him, each of them able to take a hit from his enemies, preventing Meksant from suffering harm when he is in the midst of combat. A dangerous foe indeed!

What do you think of Meksant's model?

"He also has three shades bound to him..."

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