Lucid Eye Expand The Toon Range Into Supers & Terrors!

September 24, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has expanded its range of Toon sculpts into both Supers and Terrors. The Supers are first up led by Toonman.

Toonman - Lucid Eye

You know how I said that the Lucid Eye range was creating miniatures worthy of a Saturday Morning Cartoon? Well, this is very much in that vein! This fellow looks like a spectacular Superman-type fellow deserving of a fancy outfit. He even has his pants on the outside so you know he means business.

We also have Captain Ace from the Toon Super range. I do like this miniature but I'm unsure as to the big hair stuffed up under the mask (if it is indeed hair?).

Captain Ace - Lucid Eye

I can't wait to see how this range expands in the future. There are of course plenty of Superheroes to draw on from popular culture AND lots of interesting villains too. Whilst we thought there might be a game based around the Toon Realms range imagine if the entire Toon selection is the basis for a wide-ranging generic rule set which lets you play across multiple genres?

Terrors From The Deep

As well as these Superheroes we also have some mysterious creatures known as the Shallow Ones.

Shallow Ones -Lucid Eye

The Shallow Ones just look like they want to give you a big hug but I imagine that it would then end up with you being dragged away into the darkness. A proper bright green colour scheme and plenty of technical paint to make them look wet is the order of the day.

Will you be checking out more of these Toons?

"The Shallow Ones just look like they want to give you a big hug..."

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