Lucid Eye Wake The Trees & Reveal New Ziggurat Range

November 5, 2018 by brennon

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The team at Lucid Eye has been working away on all sorts of new releases for you over the last few days. The first of these are for their ever-expanding Toon Realms collection with Yewan Grove The Treeman waking up his kin.

Yewan Grove The Treeman - Lucid Eye

Yewan Grove is a big ol' Treeman that you can drop into your games. He is a gnarled and dangerous looking fellow, as brutal with that spear as he is with his mind when it comes to outwitting his foes. He comes at the head of a set of Grove Shrubs who are ready to serve him.

Grove's Shrubs - Lucid Eye

I really like Treemen, having a fascination with the Ents from Lord of the Rings and the like, and so seeing the Lucid Eye team working away on some great new creatures of the forest is nice to see. They would be very easy to paint up with base coats, drybrushing and washes to bring out all of those nooks and crannies too.

If you're planning a delve down into a twisted wood rather than a dungeon then these might be good foes to throw into the mix. Or, maybe Yewan could be a hero of his own, able to summon forth his Shrubs to fight for him.

Trish Carden has also been working on another big monster for the Toon Realms with this Sea Serpent!

Sea Serpent - Lucid Eye

Spotted in Lord Victor's moat, this creature could well be there as an ancient defender or a creature that can smell gold on the horizon! He (or indeed she) has the awesome cartoon look down really well that we saw from the Dragon and it will be fun to see what the final model is like.

Open The Ziggurat

As well as the Toon Realms releases we also saw them design some new characters for their Ziggurat: The Beginning. I don't know much about this world as of yet but the characters are looking great.

Breath of Inana - Lucid Eye

Breath Of Inana is the first of the characters, presented as an ancient woman who is clearly tied into some cult or sect by that dagger in her hands. You could imagine her being a character from an Assassin's Creed game I think!

We also have the Pale Pharaoh.

Pale Pharoah - Lucid Eye

A commander of an army perhaps, he looks imperious and deadly. This, once again, brings up some interesting questions about what this range is all about and takes is back to the Ancient period of history with an Egyptian twist.

Last but not least we have the Wings Of Thanatos. Thanatos is the personification of Death in Greek mythology so we're certainly seeing them draw on plenty of 'real-life' inspiration for this new collection.

Wings of Thanatos - Lucid Eye

Once again, a great character and hopefully the start of something exciting. Whilst right now these are just going to be fantastic painting projects I think they'd be perfect when used in a game like Call of Cthulhu. Imagine if the Breath Of Inana was the leader of some cult that your adventurers happen across for example?

What do you think about the Toon Realms and Ziggurat releases?

"Imagine if the Breath Of Inana was the leader of some cult that your adventurers happen across for example?"

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