Mad Max Fury Road Trailer Revs You Up For Next Year

December 11, 2014 by brennon

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Mad Max: Fury Road is set to hit next year featuring Tom Hardy in the main role replacing Mel Gibson (probably rather good that it does). The teaser and full trailer above show plenty of explosions, mad road warriors and for a preview of the film actually does pretty awesome work. No real spoilers to speak of which is great!

Mad Max (Tom Hardy)

Mad Max Motorcade

Mad Max Explosions

Plenty of fire and explosions is usually a good thing for a movie like Mad Max. It's going to be interesting seeing what the reception of the film is next year but what I'm focused on is seeing what we might get as tabletop gamers.

The way that the world of Mad Max appears would be quite cool for a board game by Gale Force Nine or Fantasy Flight where you're each playing tribes of road warriors looking to secure water and oil in the dust bowl. You could even take the Gorkamorka route and make it into some kind of tabletop racing game filled with explosions and mad weaponry.

What did you think of the trailer?

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