Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game Announced!

October 19, 2014 by dracs

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Last year I wrote an article on things I thought deserved a game. One of the things I suggested was a Magic the Gathering board game. Well it seems Wizards of the Coast thought so too as the classic card game will soon be getting its own miniature based strategy game!

Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game

According to an article on Escapist Magazine, the game is being designed by some of the guys behind the classic Heroscape, with many mechanics of that game, most notably the hexagonal tile based board set up, being transferred into the Magic the Gathering Strategy Game.

Magic the Gathering Strategy Board Game Prototype

The game is based upon the rogue plane of Shandalar and allows two to five players to each take control of a specific faction. Each faction corresponds to one of the five colours of mana and is led by a specific Planeswalker, including Chandra Nalaar (shown above), Jace Beleren, Nissa Revane, Lilliana Vess and one as yet unannounced Planeswalker.

Chandra's Phoenix

Planeswalkers can summon creatures and cast spells, while mechanics such as deathtouch and flying will be given counterparts in the strategy game rules.

The game is apparently set for a release Autumn of 2015, and a playable prototype is featured at Essen Spiel this year. My guess is that the main boxed game will include small, basic warbands for each of the Planeswalkers, which we will then have the option to build upon as expansions are released. Not only that, I wouldn't be surprised if Wizards of the Coast brought out expansions to let you play on other planes of existence, bringing out new tiles and rules to transform the table into Ravnica or Innistrad.

I am really excited for this game. Not only is it bringing out a new take on the phenomenally popular card game, it is also seeing the return of elements of Heroscape, a game I have never had the chance to play, but do know it has a strong following despite being out of print.

How do you think a Magic the Gathering strategy game will play?

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