Magical Creatures Are Summoned Forth By NeverRealm Industry

October 11, 2019 by brennon

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NeverRealm Industry has been showing off some of the new summoned creatures that will be coming to the tabletop soon with an Essen SPIEL release this year. We start with the mighty looking Rokh.

The Rokh - Neverrealm Industry

This mighty Rokh soars through the skies above Kalundra and is a mixture of traditional feathered features and summoned magic as it is drawn into life. I think the models from NeverRealm for Summoners are very cool indeed and whilst the rules are still all in German it does seem to be a very neat game which has a great following.

Following on from the Rokh we have another character who is a less a beast and more a mighty purveyor of magical power from the beyond, the Hurricane Monarch.

The Hurricane Monarch - NeverRealm Industry

This is one of the Djinn who can be summoned to the tabletop in order to work its mighty magic. I love the way the magical essence of the creature has been twisted up into the body of the Djinn, working in the traditional guise of the Djinn alongside something a little more unique from NeverRealm's point of view.

Finally, we have some painted creatures, the Stalkers. Serving the forces of Corruption these creatures are used to go hunting those who opposed their masters, rushing across the lands and ripping them limb from limb!

The Stalkers - NeverRealm Industry

If you're looking for a bit of close combat support then this would be the option you'd want to pick up...if you don't mind the corrupting influence of summoning them from the void.

Are you going to be snapping up these releases for use in Summoner yourself? Also, I'd love to know if others have dived in and tried out the game.

What do you think of these new releases?

"Are you going to be snapping up these releases for use in Summoner yourself?"

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