Make Your Town Prosper In Circle The Wagons

April 11, 2019 by cassn

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Circle The Wagons is a competitive card drafting and territory building game from Button Shy. It was released in the USA in 2018, but now Quined Games are bringing the tiny town builder to the European market!

In Circle The Wagons, each player is fixin' to make their own boomtown out in the West through drafting the best cards and placing them in your town in order to claim the most prosperity points through matching territories.


Cards are placed around three central cards in a circle formation. These central cards are drawn at random at the start of a game and designate scoring conditions for that game. Territories are scored on meeting these conditions and the size of the territories created. Build the best town in the West to win the game!

Circle The Wagons will be released later in 2019 alongside another Button Shy game, Sprawlopolis. However, if you want to try the game first, you can purchase the print-and-play through Button Shy. For further information, check out the Quined Games website.

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"Build the best town in the West!"

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