The Makers Cult Crafting New One Page Rules Miniatures

September 4, 2019 by brennon

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If you remember a few weeks ago (the world goes so fast now it's hard to keep up) we talked about how The Makers Cult was working on a cool One Page Rules miniature? Well, over on Patreon you will find them starting to create lots more 3D printable files for you to use when making up armies to use in their Sci-Fi game, Grimdark Future.

Elite Troops - The Makers Cult

Everyone seems to be in the mood to make alternative models for the Imperial Guard right now it seems and this is just a taster of what The Makers Cult have been tinkering with recently. It is pretty ridiculous that there's effectively only one or two flavours of Guardsman available from Games Workshop (I don't think people count Catachans anymore...) so it's good to see that other companies are bringing their own take on the army to the tabletop.

Of course, since Grimdark Future is its own set of rules with a bevvy of recognisable factions with a few tweaks here and there that's where the inventiveness comes in. For example, here we have the Scout Walkers The Makers Cult has been working on, armed with flamers and deadly chainswords. These would make neat alternatives for the likes of Sentinels.

Scout Walkers - The Makers Cult

We also have some transport options available too for those who want to keep the same aesthetic going throughout their force.

Transports - The Makes Cult

There is, of course, a lot more for you to get stuck into with The Makers Cult over on Patreon so if you're interested in 3D printing it might be worth going over to see what they have to offer, especially if you like their One Page Rules crew and their games. Hopefully, we'll see more Age Of Fantasy stuff too if it becomes as popular as the Sci-Fi stuff.

What do you make of this work?

"Hopefully, we'll see more Age Of Fantasy stuff too if it becomes as popular as the Sci-Fi stuff..."

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