Mantic Launches New Range Of RPG Dungeon Adventures In A Box

September 30, 2022 by avernos

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Mantic Games have an incredibly varied range of terrain and scatter and they have realised that by revisiting the Terrain Crate series and expanding on it they can put together a box of everything a Games Master needs to run an adventure.

Into the Necromancer's Lair //Mantic Games

Dungeon Adventures are a series of Role Playing Game adventures that are designed to be played out of the box, each one taking a couple of evenings to play. They include 3d plastic terrain to make the scenario ‘pop’, and a 24" x 20" double-sided poster map designed to be used with miniatures.

Dungeon Dangers Or New Companions?

The adventure is quick to read and put out on the tabletop. The adventures are designed to scale with different numbers of players and difficulty levels. All important information about an area, scenario or room is clearly laid out within the book, so the important information is at your fingertips. The adventure is game-world agnostic, so it can be ‘plugged in’ to any campaign

Secrets of the Wizard's Tower // Mantic Games

The man responsible for putting the adventures together is Andrew Jones who has had the difficult task of making an exciting and engaging adventure that can still be plugged into any GMs current campaign without feeling like it clashing or being tacked on. He's put a lot of work into getting the balance right and is working on more even now playtesting and balancing the scenarios so if you play through them don't be shy about feedback to help them tailor the future adventures.

Mantic's prebuilt or one piece dungeon terrain and minions and monsters from their board games are robust enough to chuck in a box under the bed but still have plenty of detail if you are one of those people who actually paints your collection! It's great to see them put to a new use and for them to still be adding to it, the Dragon is awesome but I really love the critters, the base of danger noodles is very squirmy and I am a big fan of the komodo dragon looking lizard as well.

Will you be adventuring in a dungeon with these Dungeon Adventures?

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