Mantic Games Shows Off New Faction For Deadzone

September 1, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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Well here is one I somehow missed, a new faction for Deadzone from Mantic Games. The GCPS (Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere) has expanded into the far reaches of the galaxy and now have come to fear what may be out there to eliminate them from existence.


They have now created their own military and strike force to hold back the Plague and other alien races from taking their new found worlds.


Within this new faction, you will find Striders (walkers) and marines with all kinds of weapons. I really like the look of these miniatures, they have that classic Sci-Fi look about them.

I have always been an Enforcers fan, but these just might make me change sides. These are set to release in late September.

Have you played the new Deadzone?

"...they have that classic Sci-Fi look about them"

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