Mantic Games Preview What’s New For Firefight: Second Edition

January 4, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been dropping details on the release of Firefight: Second Edition which will get you scrapping in the 28mm Sci-Fi world of Warpath. The Enforcers are clashing with the Marauders in a new boxed game releasing later this year.

Firefight Second Edition - Mantic Games

Firefight: Second Edition // Mantic Games

There is going to be a brand new two-player starter set for the game which will come with a rulebook pack similar to what they presented with Deadzone. There will also be a refreshed collection of army sets that make it easier to get gaming with your faction of choice.

The Rulebook will focus on the GCPS and will feature up-to-date lore from Christopher Verspeak. There will also be brand new artwork as you can see here! There will also be the Force List book which will contain rules and statistics for all of the launch factions right out of the gate. That means Asterians, Enforcers, Forge Fathers, GCPS, Plague, Veer-myn and Marauders. When new factions get announced a new book will be released, once again, containing everything you need.

New Marauders

The two-player starter set mentioned earlier will feature the Enforcers taking on the Marauders and that means new hard plastic models!

Marauders #1 - Mantic Games

Marauders // Mantic Games

Here are some of the ways you can put the new kit together. As you can see, it takes a neat approach to the design of Orcs in Mantic's Sci-Fi world. They still seem wild and filled with rage but a little more prepared and less slapdash than their grimdark cousins.

There will also be resin miniatures in the future in the form of these Commando Skyscrapers.

Marauders #2 - Mantic Games

Commando Skyscrapers // Mantic Games

They are compatible with the plastic miniatures that are on the way so you can do plenty of mixing and matching when it comes to bitz. You will also find new Goblin Weapon Teams joining the action with some big guns.

Goblin Heavy Weapons - Mantic Game

Goblin Heavy Weapons // Mantic Game

I love that they are the ones in charge of the big guns. It will be neat to see what kinds of weapons you'll find in this set and I'm sure they will be exceptionally good at ripping through heavy armour. I still really like the way Mantic do their Goblins; I love those big noses!

New Enforcers

The Marauders aren't going to be going up against regular ol' Enforcers though. There are some new miniatures for them on the way to including the Peacekeeper Captain here.

Peacekeeper Captain - Mantic Games

Peacekeeper Captain // Mantic Games

Armed with a pair of Phase Claws, this Captain is ready to do some slicing and dicing. I have always liked the "Iron Man" look to the Enforcers. Would you go with the white and black look for the Enforcers or would you do something different?

Are you tempted to give Firefight a go later this year?

"I still really like the way Mantic do their Goblins; I love those big noses! "

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