A First Look At Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game!

July 18, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have taken a look at the first copy of Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game coming off the supply line. It's quite the bumper pack and comes with a whole host of heroes, troopers, martians and of course terrain! It wouldn't be Mantic without terrain...

Mars Attacks Miniatures GameThat is a very cool boxed set and as a lover of board games I think that box control is perfect. Some nice inserts for all the different sets of miniatures and a place to put the counters and tokens once they've been popped out as well it seems. Rather good.


US Troopers


Of course what you care about really is the miniatures and above are the Martians themselves with their very neat clear plastic helmets and of course a whole bunch of US Troopers and the plucky citizens ready to defend their small backwater town!


Talking of their nice backwater town we have the terrain that will make up your tabletop. As well a blasted wall sections they have some props for the tabletop that give you different kinds of cover and of course add a lived in feel to the game. As well as using this for Mars Attacks you could easily re-purpose the terrain for a lot of historical and modern combat games too I reckon. It is 28mm scale after all.

How is Mars Attacks shaping up to you?

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