Mantic Showcases Upcoming Goblin Vanguard Miniatures

February 15, 2019 by cassn

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Mantic Games have announced a new Vanguard of goblin fighters fighting on the front lines of the skirmish!


With fantastical contraptions, these genius goblins are inventive, innovative, and interested in fighting!


These guys will be making their way onto the tabletop in May 2019, and they're certainly a fearsome band of warriors.


These guys certainly have an impish quality to them - while they look like brave brawlers, they also have an element of deviousness which I really enjoy.


Studio Giraldez, who painted the miniatures for Mantic Games, have used a paint scheme which I feel really highlights this impish nature and gives them an accentuated cartoonish quality which is pretty cool.


While you will have to wait until May before you get an opportunity to paint these unruly guys yourself...

goblin can get a closer look at them all through Mantic Games on Facebook.

Will you be adding these wacky warriors to your tabletop?

"Brave brawlers with an element of deviousness!"

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