Napoleon Saga Marches Into Kickstarter From Oeuf Cube Editions

May 25, 2017 by stvitusdancern

One of the greatest eras in warfare history is that of the battles of Napoleon. There are many things to attract a person to Napoleonic Wars, colourful uniforms, so many different nations and weapon types. However, one of the biggest drawbacks for playing a wargame in this era is the huge number of miniatures one needs to capture that feeling of great armies meeting on the battlefield.

Napoleon Saga Game

Well, now there is another option for those looking to get their fix, Napoleon Saga is a new game now on Kickstarter from Oeuf Cube Editions. This is a card game that takes place on a board simulating a battlefield, where two opponent will face off playing either the French or the British. If you go in for a higher level, then you could score the Prussians army as well.

"You are Emperor Napoleon or the Duke of Wellington and you will strive to rout the opposing Army by eliminating enemy units and achieving secret objectives. Use your Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery to drive back the first line of your opponent, outflank him to attack his reserve and break his army's morale.

Napoleon Saga is a board game created by Frédéric Romero and illustrated by the talented Giuseppe Rava, a master of Military paintings and Uniforms (illustrations for Osprey publishing, Games Workshop, Italeri and many more European and American companies for an amazing quantity of historical works)."


FRANCE: The French army, led by their Emperor Napoleon, is skilled in all aspects of the 18th-century warfare. The well trained regular army is here to hold the ground while your devoted and powerful Guard units steadily advance to the front line.

You can rely on your most experienced units, the “Young Guard”, the “Old Guard” and the “Grenadiers à cheval”, to bring you Victory and Glory!


GREAT-BRITAIN: The Coalition army, led by the Field Marshall Wellington, is an adaptable force, able to overcome any adversity with its units’ specialisations. Drawing upon the strengths of the different members of the Coalition they can break through any obstacle they are confronted with.

Be it with the British infantry -the backbone of the forces- the impetuous Scots Greys or the ferocious Highlanders, the Allies will prevail!


PRUSSIA (KS Exclusive): The Prussian army, led by the old “Marshall Forward” Blucher, might be less professional, but it more than makes up for it with its loathing of the French soldiers! By the numbers, the Prussians will have the largest deployed infantry and with the support of their Prussian cavalry they will extract revenge from Napoleon’s forces.

Be it with the timely Landwehr cavalry, the unassailable Uhlans or the unbreakable Cuirassiers, the Prussian army will trample over its enemies.

This game looks very interesting and I am hoping that they post a gameplay video soon, in the meantime, you can download the rules here. I have this one on my list and will probably pull the trigger soon.

What do you think of card wargames?

"Well, now there is another option for those looking to get their fix..."

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