Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Ghost Rider & Ultimate Hulk Encounter

March 30, 2020 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has been previewing some goodies for those diving into Marvel: Crisis Protocol. The first thing we're looking at today is the addition of Ghost Rider to their ranks. Check out the model!

Ghost Rider Preview - Crisis Protocol

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This is the first miniature we've seen for Marvel: Crisis Protocol which comes mounted. It would make sense that Ghost Rider would rock up on his flaming motorcycle but I am interested to see just how this works when it comes to the game. One big element of the game is that you can leap around and climb onto things so maybe we'll see an option for him both mounted and on foot?

There hasn't been any confirmation on this as of yet but it would be neat to see what they do in terms of Ghost Rider's rules. This is also another one of the miniatures which step away from the focus on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe so hopefully, we'll see lots of interesting goodies soon. I'm hoping for the Fantastic Four!


As well as Ghost Rider, we also got a new download for those wanting Ultimate Encounters to play out whilst couped up inside. In this new download (which is free) you get the rules for a scenario where The Hulk has to take on a team of gamma-infused heroes who have been driven into a rage.

Hulk Encounter - Crisis Protocol

Download The Ultimate Encounter

Powered up by gamma radiation, the only person who can go toe-to-toe with these rage-filled heroes is The Hulk who gets stuck into a King Of The Hill style scenario where he has to toss around the heroes and pretty much beat the radiation out of them. This means that the set comes with a super-powered (more so than normal) Hulk and some fun rules for the other heroes too.

It is well worth taking a peek at and might give you something fun to have a play with whilst we're all twiddling our thumbs.

What do you make of this Ghost Rider preview?

"Powered up by gamma radiation, the only person who can go toe-to-toe with these rage-filled heroes is The Hulk..."

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