MaxMini’s Eggcellent Easter Special Has Us Cracking Up (No Yolk!)

April 10, 2019 by cassn

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MaxMini have released their Easter 2019 special miniature - and the spring season just got a lot more mischievous!

Meet S'mark - the most tricksy, looney and unpredictable of all the gobbos in the history of greenskins! This unlikely hero charges into battle on his trusted gnawler, hopping through the terrian in a crazed rampage and wreaking havoc among his enemies.


In his basket he carries rotten eggs to hurl at the enemies who cross him, along with copious amounts of magic mushrooms for 'personal use'. Of course, this looney gobbo is not limited to enemy attacks, and even his fellow greenskins find themselves egged from time to time!

So if you find this egg-centric gobbo egg-cellent, hop on over to the MaxMini website for more information!

Will you be having any Easter-themed games this year?

"An Egg-centric gobbo!"

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