Dive Into McCullough’s New Sci-Fi Game, Deathship One!

June 4, 2024 by brennon

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Joseph McCullough has a brand new game for you to dive into! Deathship One is a new solo or cooperative Sci-Fi miniatures game of survival. Bring your squad of soldiers from any period of history, time and space and see if they can survive the horrors of the Deathship.

Deathship One - Joseph A McCullough

Deathship One // Joseph A. McCullough

As mentioned above, Deathship One is a solo or cooperative miniatures game where you can take miniatures from your entire collection and throw them into the horrors of the Deathship. It has been designed to play fast and with a minimum amount of rules and terrain. What's nice is that you can choose your soldiers from any time period so you can throw Napoleonic soldiers, Samurai, World War II soldiers or perhaps even near-future heroes into the grinder of Deathship One.

"Welcome to Deathship One. Better listen up, because the truth is, you probably won’t live long. You see, you’ve been brought here to die. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a test or an experiment to measure the capability of warriors from your planet. Maybe it’s just entertainment, like a circus or gameshow. Or maybe this is punishment, a personal purgatory for your sins. Now, I don’t mean to bring you down. I just don’t want to fill you with any false hopes either."

As you dive into Deathship One, you'll have to get your squad of soldiers through five rooms, each with different ways to kill you. That could come in the form of traps, monsters or the automated systems of the ship. Someone doesn't want you to get out or is going to at least enjoy watching you try.

If you're interested in getting miniatures to use with Deathship One to represent the foes that you might face, you can get STL Files to print at home from Bobby Jackson.

Rieger & Caphid - Deathship One

Rieger & Caphid // Deathship One

Additionally, as seen here, you can get physical miniatures through the folks at North Star Military Figures. There are four creatures so far with the Rieger, Caphid, Slathek and Drekyl.

Slathek & Drekyl - Deathship One

Slathek & Drekyl // Deathship One

It's neat to have some official miniatures for Deathship One that match up to the artwork found within the rulebook. The nature of Deathship One means that you can just pick up and use whatever miniatures you want from your collection. So, if you've got some monsters and daring heroes lying around, maybe consider throwing them into the meat grinder.

Do you think you'll be checking out Deathship One?

"The nature of Deathship One means that you can just pick up and use whatever miniatures you want from your collection..."

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