When Mecha Becomes Micro, the Results are Awesome!

September 5, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Mecha Front

Somehow I missed this Kickstarter earlier this year- Mecha Front Miniatures by Paulson Games, was successfully funded in April and has  some absolutely brilliant looking mechs, or "Mechas."

Mecha Front is a table top war game and miniatures line that was developed over the last year. It features large scale robot models called "Mecha" that are able to be used with the system that was designed for them or they can be used alongside other 15mm scale games, such as Gruntz and Tomorrow's War.

Mecha Front micro

Their mini line has a wide variety of sizes including a micro armor line, and they released pictures of test pieces for the 6mm mechas in the micro armor, and they look pretty awesome! Very, very tiny- but mighty.

Paulson Games1

Paulson Games6

If you are a fan of Battletech and mechs, then this is a line for you to keep your eye on.

Can you picture these mechas walking across your table? Big or little?

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