Mechanical Wrestlers Clash In TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Soon

October 7, 2022 by brennon

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If you like Dwarves and you enjoy the thought of making a mechanical wrestling team then you'll want to take a closer look at The Runic Thunder team who are quick as greased lightning! A solid new option for TTCombat's Rumbleslam!

Greased Lightning - Rumbleslam

The Runic Thunder // Rumbleslam

Having been defeated and beaten up during their recent bouts, this team is now ready to try and kick some ass and take names! Stepping into the ring alongside some of her creations, the mighty Mechabjorn (beard and all!) is going to be knocking folks about. All of their mechanical companions have been designed for training purposes but can also help out in the ring.

As well as The Runic Thunder team, you can also pick up the excellently named Mister Fister.

Mister Fister - Rumbleslam

Mister Fister // Rumbleslam

Mister Fister likes, well, punching things! You might have guessed that when it comes to the Piston Punches that he's using to clobber folks. This is another amazingly quirky addition to the Rumbleslam line and I could imagine him doing some serious damage.

If you've been waiting for some more Dwarves for Rumbleslam then this weekend is going to be a good time to check out the TTCombat webstore.

Are you tempted by Mister Fister and pals?

"Mister Fister likes, well, punching things!"

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