Check Out Medbury’s Historical & Fantasy Miniatures For June!

June 7, 2023 by brennon

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Medbury Miniatures are continuing to impress with their range of 3D Printable miniatures for both Fantasy and Historical wargaming in 28mm. We start with the Historical offerings for the month of June over on Patreon.

Mounted Vendels - Medbury Miniatures

Mounted Vendels // Medbury Miniatures

The focus for the Historical side of things this month is on the Vendels. A band of mounted warriors are charging forth across the battlefield with both Armoured and Unarmoured versions available for you to print off and add to your collection.

There are three kits featuring Armoured Warriors with their Spears at the ready, either thrusting, stabbing or throwing. You can use these alongside printed resin spears or brass ones, whatever takes your fancy. I would suggest brass! There are also some Armoured Warriors with their Spears upright alongside some Walking/Galloping Horses. You'll also find some Unarmoured Spearmen that could be used to show off some of the lower-ranked individuals in the force. Two final miniatures come with Axes for when you need to get up close and personal.

Fantasy Releases For June!

If you're more inclined to go down the Fantasy route then you'll be happy to know that Medbury is able to cater for you on that front too. Here we have the Orc Rabble and some Wolf Riders that wouldn't look out of place stalking through the lands of Middle-earth.

Orc Rabble & Wolf Riders - Medbury Miniatures

Orc Rabble & Wolf Riders // Medbury Miniatures

The set comes with a mix of both mounted and unmounted Orcs that you could use for building up warbands that could serve either the Dark Lord or perhaps the White Wizard in his tower. I like that the Wolves themselves can be used without their riders which looks great for one and is also very handy when playing something like the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

I really like the variety of sculpts that come in this set and the way that it shows off the ramshackle look of the Orcs that you might find in worlds like Middle-earth. The Goblins have also been inspired by Daniel Milton HorseChief and their artwork, with their consent, and they seem like a perfect way to create the vibe of different warbands/tribes coming together.

Plans are already afoot for next month for both the Fantasy and Historical ranges by Medbury and if you want some physical miniatures, there is also a Shop that you can check out. It currently features Dwarves, Ruffians and some more Vendel Vikings.

Will you be picking up more from Medbury this month?

"The focus for the Historical side of things this month is on the Vendels..."

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