Meet The Soldiers Of Warforged: First Contact

March 27, 2017 by brennon

Some more background and artwork surfaced over the weekend for Warforged: First Contact and so it provides us with a neat opportunity to explore the races and characters a bit more for Reforged Studios new game.


Leading the way we have this bruiser of an alien called the Descant...

"From ranks of the sentient species that lack the intellect and philosophical depth to completely sublime their consciousness into the Great Song come the hordes of the brutish Descants. Their communion with the Great Song of the Mantra is not complete, and therefore they are relegated to a support role, considered an inferior position within the hierarchy of the Mantra.

The highest form of praise to the Mantra is to slay the unbelievers with your own hands, so using ranged attacks is sometimes used as a punishment or an indication of low status."

These warriors fight for the Mantra and while you'd assume they are all of the same species it appears as if anything can be turned into one of the Descant. They feature wrist-mounted weapons but of course, their main weapon is their bulk and brutish strength which allows them to batter through the enemy lines.

Rifles Ready

You'll have seen the Iron Legion's Legionary Rifleman in some of the artwork already but we got some more details on who they are...


"The Iron Legionary is armed with the dependable CLV rail rifle is the standard issue long arm of the Iron Legions. Rail rifles accelerate monocrystalline iron filaments to hypersonic speeds for pinpoint penetration and secondary blast damage.

It is a first weapon a new recruit receives upon entering the Legion, and for most of them it stays as their mainstay weapon throughout their career."

Trained on the brutal world of Cerberos they undergo harsh conditions which mould them into a deadly fighting force. This particular Legionnaire is called Boyko and actually has a favourite drink, Stardust Coffee (four shots).

He also carries an Ancient Roman gladius into battle as his personal weapon of choice - reinforced for the modern day with space-age metals.

Watch out for an interview on this game in the near future!

"This particular Legionnaire is called Boyko and actually has a favourite drink, Stardust Coffee (four shots)..."

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