The Mercenaries Drop In On DUST: Operation Babylon!

June 17, 2014 by brennon

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They might still be a little way off money wise but it's certainly something to aim for as the campaign for DUST: Operation Babylon comes to a close. See what you think of the Mercenaries fighting their way into this theatre of war...

Sisters of Demolition

As you can see the stretch goal is still to be reached at a rather massive $500,000 although I imagine even if this isn't hit they will make their way out onto the tabletop pretty soon. Having them as a free upgrade to every army would be cool though.

Red Yana

Sisters of the Demolition Card

Above are the cards for these women of mass destruction and they come with flamer throwers, grenade launchers and demolition charges for bringing the entire of any house down! The hero, Yana, looks awesome too and as a whole I reckon they'd be a match for whatever the enemy could throw at them.

What do you think of these Mercenaries?

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