Metal Beards & Kashan Vra’s Kin Coming To Titan-Forge!

August 21, 2014 by brennon

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Titan-Forge are joining the bandwagon of awesome things happening on August 22nd with both their Metal Beards and the Sons of Kashan Vra coming to their webstore tomorrow!

Metal Beards & Sons Of Kashan Vra

As you can see someone was very happy about the news as they managed to make a bit of a typo in the announcement but let's brush past that shall we! The miniatures we saw for this during the Kickstarter campaign were amazing and it will be brilliant to actually get our hands on the retail versions.

I think I can safely say I'm going to be on the side of the Metal Beards as I have been dreaming up an all Engineer led army for my Warhammer Dwarfs and these would be perfect!

Which side will you support?

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