Metal King Tease New Warden Of Justice For RelicBlade

August 29, 2019 by brennon

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Metal King Studio has teased a new miniature for the Temple Of Justice in their fantastic Fantasy skirmish game, RelicBlade. Take a peek at the Warden Of Justice sculpt they've been working on...

Warden of Justice Tease - Metal King Studio

This fellow looks grim and resolved, ready to head out on a righteous quest in order to preserve the natural order of things. I really like the 'Sinbad' style and think he'd be really fun to paint up with tanned and weathered skin contrasting against some bright and vibrant clothes.

We also got a little peek at his character card as well for those who want to know more.

Warden Of Justice Stats Tease - Metal King Studio

RelicBlade has a really good following online and a massive host of miniatures with which to play the game. We looked at the game in the past and it is a really fun system which encourages lots of narrative play and dynamic clashes on the tabletop between characters and lots of weird creatures too.

You can look back at a Q&A we did with Sean Sutter a few years ago where we learned more about the game.

Are you tempted to dip your toe into RelicBlade?

"Are you tempted to dip your toe into RelicBlade?"

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