Dive In Deep With Metal King’s New RelicBlade Releases

March 25, 2020 by brennon

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Metal King Studio are joining in with the sales as they offer up a bunch of models that would have been available at Adepticon this week. The world of RelicBlade expands as they add The Apostles Of The Deep Faction Set into the mix to begin with.

The Apostles of the Deep Faction Set - RelicBlade

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The set comes with the Shark Warrior (shown with double swords), an Eel Sorcerer (with the lantern) and then some of the pesky looking Fish Goblins! Goblins as a whole are rather funky little creatures so it's nice to see some alternative takes on them added into the mix.

If you already have the Shark Warrior and Eel Sorcerer in your collection you'll also be able to buy the Fish Goblins separately. You'll be able to buy them as a pack of two or six allowing you to flood the tabletop with these wide-eyed little fellows.

Special Sculpts

As well as a new faction set you've also got the option to pick up three alternative and exclusive sculpts for the Warden Of Justice, Lone Guard Infiltrator, and Iguan Marauder.

Alt Hero Sculpts - RelicBlade

There are only thirty of these added into the mix so if you want them then you'll have to be quick off the mark. As well as the alternative sculpts you'll also find special Adepticon 2020 Character cards too. These three characters will be available later on as part of a new two-player starter set which will hit Kickstarter later in the year but if you want them early then this is worth checking out.

Convention Exclusive

Finally, there is also the Adepticon(can't) exclusive for Vandus Greycloak. This is the only time he will be made available online and it will be in limited numbers. So, if you really want this brutal-looking warrior then you'll want to be quick on the mouse.

Vandas Greycloak Exclusive - RelicBlade

I love a lot of the sculpts that Metal King Studio bring to RelicBlade as they always bring together elements of classic Fantasy but with a new twist here or there. Their game is also really worth checking out as it's a neat Fantasy skirmisher packed with lots of fun mechanics.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new RelicBlade exclusives?

"Are you going to be picking up some of these new RelicBlade exclusives?"

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