Metal King’s New RelicBlade Seeker’s Handbook Coming Soon

November 26, 2019 by brennon

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Metal King Studio has been showing off their new Seeker's Handbook which is available for pre-order right now and will be dropping in early December. This gives you a 2nd Edition of their awesome Fantasy game to dive into!

The Seekers Handbook - Metal King Studio

Inside this updated book you're going to find some new and updated options for adventurers heading out into their rich world. Included in the book you'll find...

  • The complete core rules for Relicblade.
  • Wonders and Horrors Campaign Rules for linking games into an ongoing adventure.
  • Establish a base and recruit specialists to craft powerful upgrades.
  • Heroic Traits for your characters to earn as they level up.
  • Wound Traits as your characters suffer the horrors of a savage world.
  • Six Core Scenarios that force players into challenging and exciting tactical situations.
  • Six Special Uncharted Scenarios with dynamic deployment and objectives designed specifically for 2-4 players.
  • Four unique environments to explore: Cyclopean Ruins, Arid Badlands, Fay Forests, and Dark Dungeons. Each with unique treasures, monsters, and events.
  • Eight Character Classes to lead into the depths of the wilds.
  • Twelve Basic Upgrades and adventuring essentials to equip your heroes.
  • Thirteen Exotic Campaign Treasures only found in the wild lands.
  • Monster Field Guide for identifying nearly infinite varieties of horrible creatures! (Unique Monster Generator!)
  • Campaign Roster Sheet to track your progress as your characters gain new skills or suffer terrible wounds.

...and if you want to find out a bit more about what the game is all about then you can check out their video below on 2nd Edition.

I would also venture to suggest you go and check out STF Wargaming and their series of videos where they explore learning the older version of the game and delving into a campaign for it too. They are a fun watch.

As well as the new book coming your way there are some new models too including this sinister-looking Dark Prophet we saw on Facebook!

Dark Prophet #1 - Metal King Studio

This is a conning looking creature that has gound its way into the world of RelicBlade, a twisted and warped spellcaster that would be a lot of fun to paint up. Rules for using them in games will be included in the new Seeker's Handbook we've mentioned above.

Dark Prophet #2 - Metal King Studio

After you've taken in the arse view of the model (I do love a good ragged cloak) there's another video you should check out too. The folks at Metal King recently talked about an official Tabletop Simulator mod for the game!

So, if you want to give the game a go in the digital realm, you've got some options there too.

It is well worth finding out more about RelicBlade as it is very fun and full of fascinating looking miniatures!

" is very fun and full of fascinating looking miniatures!"

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