Metal King’s RelicBlade Bounty Hunter Picks Her Target

June 24, 2019 by brennon

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Metal King Studio has been showing off some of the great looking characters that are joining warbands in RelicBlade, ready for adventure. The first of these is the Bounty Hunter who immediately caught my eye!

Bounty Hunter #1 - Metal King Studio

Whilst this miniature was previewed way back in February I couldn't find her on their webstore right now. However, even still, I think that she looks bloomin' awesome. I love the look of her, scarred face showing she's been through plenty of battles. Also, with her hand clasped around that sword you know she's ready for trouble at a moment's notice.

Bounty Hunter #2 - Metal King Studio

She was available as part of the previously successful Moldorf Expedition Kickstarter so one hopes that she is going to be released for everyone to add to their warbands soon.

The Lone Guard

As well as this rather awesome Bounty Hunter we also saw the last Kickstarter bring the Lone Guard Commander to life too. He comes with a range of different weapon options including spear...

Lone Guard Commander With Spear - Metal King Studio

....and sword. Both of these would be great options for someone who leads from the front. If you prefer to have your Lone Guard Commander watching from the back, picking out enemies from afar there's also the bow armed version of him too.

Lone Guard Commander With Bow - Metal King Studio

I am a big fan of all of the Metal King Studio miniatures for RelicBlade and a lot of people have been using them not only for this skirmish game but also Rangers Of Shadow Deep too. I can see why!

As well as both of those skirmish games, the range would also make for wonderful roleplaying game characters too.

Will you be diving into RelicBlade?

"I love the look of her, scarred face showing she's been through plenty of battles..."

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