Middle-earth Favourites Return & Updated Matched Play Options

January 20, 2020 by brennon

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Some classic models are returning to the realm of Middle-earth this week thanks to Games Workshop plus a new book.

Three Hunters Mounted - Middle-earth SBG

Journey Into Middle-earth On The Tabletop @ Store.OnTableTop

"Let's Hunt Some Orc!" We are graced with the Three Hunters in mounted form first off. I absolutely loved these old models and whilst the new plastic options are some of the best I think I've seen for the Middle-earth range, there is something nice about these old metal sculpts. I think Legolas needs to go and have a lie down though as he's looking knackered in this painted example!

Ride To War

As well as the Three Hunters we also have some options for those playing as the Eastern Kingdoms allied to the forces of Sauron. You'll be able to pick up the Serpent Riders...

Serpent Riders - Middle-earth SBG

...and the Khandish Horsemen. I have seen a lot of people picking up these miniatures to use as both their Fantasy and Historical armies in the likes of SAGA so they might be worth picking up for that duel purpose.

Khandish Horsemen - Middle-earth SBG

It is very nice to see more of these originally out-of-print models coming back into the fold, despite them being a pain in the arse to glue together. Whilst it's always good to see the more popular options getting thrown into the mix, the fringe factions also need a bit of love now and again.

Watch The Woses

Talking of factions on the fringe, perhaps you'd prefer to wander into the forest of the Woses and have them on your side against the forces of Evil?

Woses Warriors - Middle-earth SBG

You can call on these wild folk led by Ghân-buri-Ghân to cleanse the forest of Orcs! These fellows never showed up in the movies and very few people probably remember them from anything to do with The Lord Of The Rings but I was reminded of them recently in the Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games and they are pretty fascinating!

If you're looking to delve into the shadowy corners of Tolkien's world, these are worth taking a peek at.

Matched Play Options

As well as the old miniatures we've also got a new book. The Matched Play Guide is a tome dedicated to those running campaigns, tournaments and the like.

Matched Play Guide - Middle-earth SBG

Inside you'll find all of the Matched Play scenarios previously published plus six new ones and six doubles scenarios too. You also get a section dedicated to rules and advice for running your campaign events in stores and clubs.

Whilst this might not be essential for those playing the game casually, I could see it being a good resource for a group who want to get in more tournament-style games.

What do you think of these offerings for the coming weekend?

"If you're looking to delve into the shadowy corners of Tolkien's world, these are worth taking a peek at..."

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