Midst Battle Din Rules Now Available

September 23, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Morningstar Productions has released a new two page rule set covering the "black powder" days of warfare called Midst Battle Din.

Midst Battle Din

Obviously, being that it is only two pages front and back on A4 it is not conflict specific, they do state that it can be played with miniatures from 15mm to 28mm by adjusting the stats up or down as needed. According to the website on Wargame Vault, who is selling the rule set, it states that the game has initiative based activation system, firing and melee mechanics that only need two six sided dice and a "panic" morale system. So if you are looking for a quick rule set to throw some miniatures together for a quick game from this time period this just might be the answer. For the price they are asking I don't think you can lose, even if you get it just to collect it.

Rules and more rules will you be getting it?

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